Russian watches are world famous. They are known for their style and quality. Here are some good resources on Russian watches.

Fascination Of Russian Watches: From The Military Watch To The Marine Chronometer by Ceyp, Michael


This book covers the journey of Russian watches from being the military watch to marine chronometer. It is a good book to read if you are interested in knowing about the history of Russian watches.
Russian Wristwatches: Pocket Watches, Stop Watches, Deck Watches & Marine Chronometers (A Schiffer Book for Collectors), by Juri Levenberg

This book contains photographs of more than 500 watches that are manufactured in Russia during the second half of this century. You will find detailed explanations of their workings, styles and manufacturers. You will know about Poljot, Slava, and Wostok wristwatches. You will also find out about deck watches, pocket watches and marine chronometers. If you are a watch collector, then you must have this book on your collection.

Russ/Russian Watches

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In this blog, you will find photos and description of some very nice Russian Watches. The writer sells these vintage watches which he collects from various places. You will find interesting articles on how to buy Russian watches, how to repair watches, etc.

Russian Watch Guide


You will get all the information and news on Russian watch here. You can find articles on how to identify Russian watches, best and worst designed Russian watch, etc.

These resources will give you insight into the history and collection of Russian watches. If Russian watch fascinates you, then you should read these blog.