6 reasons why Volmax is the best Russian Watch Company


Volmax Russian Watch Company produces the Aviator, Sturmanskie and Buran watch brands. They also produced the Russian Watch Factory brand (RChZ). It was formed in 2000 by former Poljot employees. The brands Aviator, Sturmanskie and Buran were registered in 2002. Volmax is known to be the best Russian Watch Company. Here are some reasons why.

  • Sturmanskie was the first watch in space. It was worn by Yuri Gagarin. The watch could provide time signals for targeting Soviet vessels and for navigational purposes.
  • The SWIFTS was the first official watch of the Russian military aerobatic flying team. It was from the Aviator line.
  • Most Volmax watches use Russian movements. Other Russian watches use the Swiss movement.
    It has direct connection to the heritage of the First Moscow Watch Factory.
  • The company reminds us of the good intention of young and aggressive watchmakers to revive the Russian watch industry.
  • Most Volmax watches come in ‘limited edition’ or as ‘collector’s watch’ and they are more expensive than the other Russian watches.

Some people have the misconception that Volmax watches are Poljot watches. But this is not true. Volmax watches don’t use the Poljoy logo or the brand name. Volmax are high quality watches with excellent finish. Volmax watches are distributed to more than 25 countries worldwide. Russians are one of the oldest manufacturers of watches in the world. Their watches are part of history. Even though they used to sell their watches to native people only, Russian watches are found throughout the world now. At some point back in time, this industry saw some downfall. But with the contribution and dedication of companies like Volmax, the industry is now revived and sells watches round the globe. Volmax watches are a watch collector’s dream. You can get Volmax watches online now. Get one today to experience what it’s like wearing a good Russian watch.