4 reasons why you should buy a Russian watch


Russian watches are now very popular all over the world. Watch collectors now eagerly look for Russian watches to include in their collection. Here are 4 reasons why you should buy a Russian watch.

1. They offer great value for money

Most Russian watches cost between $30 and $300. They are very good quality mechanical watches and buyers get great value for money. Watches manufactured by top manufacturers like Vostok and Volmox are reliable, durable and they keep very good time.

2. They look great

Russian watches have functional, bold and modern designs. If you like aviator, diver or military-style watches, then you will become fond of Russian watches. They are unique as most of their watches have Russian lettering on the face.


3. They use mechanical movements

Most Russian watches are mechanical watches. If you can appreciate the functionality and beauty of a mechanical timepiece, then you should buy a Russian watch.

4. They have a remarkable history

Soviet clocks and watches were the first timepieces in space. Yuri Gagarin wore a First Moscow Watch Factory ‘Sturmanskie’. It provided time signals for navigation and targeting in Soviet naval vessels and strategic aircraft.

These watches controlled lighthouses and marine buoys in the Arctic seas, timed world chess matches, coordinated traffic on Trans-Siberian Railroad which is known to be the longest railroad line of the world.
Some of the Russian watches are so good that they can compete with Rolex and Omega. If you don’t have a Russian watch yet, these are some good reasons you should have one now.